Google takes on Futurama

On July 1st 2010 went on air the episode of Futurama called ”Attack of the Killer App” that was taking the piss of Apple by introducing the “eyePhone”, a futurized iPhone that you could install in your retina, no ad intended there, and ear. You could control everything with your eye, capture/share/store to a massive/tiny hard-drive (the cloud?). Now Futurama is known to take an idea and stretch it to the borders of the cosmos and the eyePhone was no different. Here’s a clip:

So naturally this was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this:

Now these are exciting times. Technology is running like Usain Bolt is chasing her to sell her something and the world around us is moving deeper and deeper into the Matrix and to a digital life. Everybody wants to get a piece, or even better the whole pie, of that digitalization. Google is dominating the search but wants social digital media, Apple has mobile hardware and music but wants  social media and the cloud, amazon has online selling but silently wants more and so forth and so forth. This latest effort by Google, called Project Glass, is a product, even as a prototype, of that war and, sadly as many before it, this one looks really good. If nothing else it sets the path for another battle, that of interaction, display and augmented reality.
My hope is that the battles go on for ever, because the ones that will lay down wounded in the battlefield are big corporations, but the victors will always be us, the users, with all the new products and services that the battles produce.

Battle on.

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    Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself:

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