Not convinced…

This week it was apple’s week, no doubt. The “latest creation” that was speculated for nearly six months now was finally revealed and it was the talk of the town. Before the unveiling at least. Because after the reactions were mixed at best. Personally I am not sold. I was, probably cause of the marketing, eager to jump on board and get it, all i need it was the thing held back from everybody to be shown by the man himself. But that wasn’t the case. I didn’t get the “i need this”, which in all honesty i wasn’t expecting to get, but i didn’t even get the “wow” factor.
The specs, other than the price and the battery time, left a bitter taste in my mouth. No flash, no camera, no GPS, no multitasking, no special UI/multi-multitasking. It looks good and the general consensus is that once in your hands it is a different experience and that is what Mr. Jobs kept repeating. What I say to people that haven’t seen the presentation and ask me about it is “it looks good, it is a big iPhone but its not for me” and “its for people that have a mini PC’s and have money”.
The main thing is that I am left with the feeling that moses dropped the ball. The marketing built up was text book and the noise created was phenomenal but it raised the bar too high for the presentation that it didn’t meet. But having seen the 3 finger interaction in N.O.V.A I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the end of the features and I am (hoping) thinking that it was done in a rush and  a lot of “new things” will be done until the iPad will find its way to the stores and that is why i think that Steve came short.
That’s it for this weeks 15min!

P.S.: iPad? Really?
P.S.2: Sherlock Holmes was good fun and well made with an excellent Robert Downey Jr.

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