Nicely done, this is the first one…

Well hi there.
This is the first (in a long , i hope, run) rambling of mine trying to summarize the events of the week past. The plan is to have one of these at the end of every week, written in under 15 minutes (there is an actual stopwatch offering generous doses of pressure) and in plain English (not that i could offer anything else) documenting things that left an impression on me from the past seven days.
Starting off is the movie sensation of the 2009-10 crossover, Avatar. I finally managed to see it last Sunday and was I was quite pleasantly surprised. Having been a keen receiver of all the hype when  I saw the trailer I wasn’t so much looking forward to it. However after some other people went to see it i decided to go too and i didn’t regret it. The movie as a movie was ok, nicely written, directed and acted but the 3d and the cgi was the bomb. Even with a second set of glasses on top of my own (which was a bit distracting and annoying) it was quite the experience and the computer created characters and sets are nothing short of spectacular. I strongly suggest to everyone (even to the ones that are not science fiction fans) to see it but only in a 3d enable theater.
Oops time’s up. See you next Friday

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