January 27th is (once again) apple’s day

Apple has officially announced that on the 27th they will be announcing their latest creation, most likely a glorious iSlate/iTablet mini pc, large iPhone/iPod device, and i am left here wondering do we really need one. I mean what is the need that it is supposed to cover? What is the demographic? What worries me the most is that its going to be beautiful, very easy to use, fused with the golden touch of Steve Jobs comeback – which he is trying to bring to life for quite a while now – and with really intuitive and original interface, and by being all that will force my badly fire-walled brain to marketing and gadgets to decide to overcharge my credit card to buy it. So while i am really eager to see all the novelties the “new creation” is bound to bring i really hope that it has a really good practical use, a need to fulfill, even though i didn’t know i had that need

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