I want my twitter app

The past year has been heavy on iPhone and Twitter for me. Being the iPhone app addict i am i have been buying at least 1 app a week not including the free ones and the first and last thing i do every day is to check for updates. I have bought all the major twitter iPhone apps (Tweetdeck, Birdfeed, Echofon pro, IM+ push for twitter, Twitterrific, Twirxt, Tweetie, Twinkle) as well as downloading and installing some for my desktop (Echofon firefox add-on, Tweetdeck, Digsby), and while some of them have some of the features I want/need/crave none of them completes my list, not to mention to have them all together. So here is a list of the features i would like a software that has an iPhone app (selfishly, maybe better say mobile app), a desktop app, browser add-ons (preferably for firefox) all of them in sync, and i think they are technically possible, to have:

  • consistent interface and functionality across platforms
  • groups (tweet deck like)
  • rss based syncing to overcome the 100 tweets twitter limit (I have that in google reader but it lacks the twitter app functionality)
  • option to chronologically reverse the tweet display order
  • last tweet read stamp, to remember where you left of
  • easy retweet, mark as read (preferably by choice either when rolling over or by a button), favorite, reply
  • search for user and ability to follow, unfollow and add to group
  • shrink url
  • upload image and add link
  • upload video and add link
  • add location link
  • trends
  • nearby tweets
  • tweet shrink

I am not a programmer/developer but most of those features already exist in other apps and those that don’t i think are doable. Having said that, I am more than willing to help with the rest of the process (wireframes, UI, logos etc.) if anyone is interested in developing all this, but in any case I would pay for an app like that and i am surprised there isn’t one out there, taking the publicity twitter has gained.

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