my name is Spiros Klironomos

I am a graphic and web designer born and raised in Greece with a break of a few years abroad for studies and work and now a permanent move to Bristol, UK.
I have 14 years experience in design, advertising and web agencies as well as for my self in Greece and the UK.
My background is a mix of print and digital work, and I love projects that need a more integrated approach of identity, print and digital.
I get along with adobe programms, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, InDesign and even some Dreamweaver, PC’s and Mac’s.
I have a B.A in Graphic Design and a Masters in Interactive Media from the London College of Communication.
This is my work with the most recent in Greek.
I am  good at some things and curious about everything except from kitties and marmite.
I love cycling and eating, which don’t go well together, and I also love great design and great ideas.