go do, think a little but mostly do

This week was a prime example of get up do it and don’t think about doing it too much. I personally tend to think/dream about things rather than doing them, which I think has more to do with the fear of failure and less with the need for perfection and planning. The trigger for all this were two events that occurred this week, the submission deadline for the EBGE awards, the Greek graphic design, illustration and multimedia awards, and the third installment of the Design Walk, a 3 day event that design studios in the center of Athens open their spaces to the public, exhibiting work created for this event.
Both  of this events started, I am sure, as an idea and not as a marketing/business plan based on market research. Someone thought this is a nice thing to have, let’s do it. And while design awards is neither an original idea nor too progressive, for Greece, the Design Walk is. Surely there were times when everyone involved thought they shouldn’t have even thought of it let alone done it (if they had given it time to mature they wouldn’t have done it).

the design walk 2010

the design walk 2010 poster

Design Walk this year was curated by a specialized outlet in curating design events and the EBGE awards is becoming an institution. People outside the design community look to both for either good design or even design partners (not as much as abroad but a lot more than in the past never the less). Both teams responsible for those events seem to been learning from previous experience and mistakes and are building on that experience.

So to sum it up, although there is more to be said maybe in a non 15min restricted post, go do, think a little but get up and do, then do it again better and if you are in Greece be persistant and patient!

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