A movie starts this weeks round up that properly marks, the establishment, cause RocknRolla marked the return, of Guy Ritchie to the big league. Sherlock Holmes is quite nicely done. The photography and direction are quite masterfully shot and the staring duo,  Robert Downey Jr, and Jude Law, are a delight to watch. Overall it is a very good way to spend two hours.
The other thing is the launch of  the new Sunday’s Eleftherotypia woman and fashion monthly magazine ‘w/e’ (woman’s enigma), designed by Designers United. It is top notch work by the talented people at DU that successfully taps in the modern woman’s aesthetics. It’s clean design leaves space for all the important things, like text and images, while at the same time leaving you feeling contemporary and important.
For the closing i left the overwhelming feeling I had this week that not only that I am growing older but that I find my self trying to justify things that I once was judgmental about a few years back, especially things older people did. The thing I realized is that I shouldn’t and I should keep my guard up and strong cause hopefully that is what keeps us up and running.


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